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Geography Essay Sample Summer in Different Parts of the Globe

Topography Essay Sample Summer in Different Parts of the Globe Geology Essay Sample: Summer in Different Parts of the Globe On the off chance that you will compose a school paper, it’s a smart thought to take a gander at a model first. This will assist you with understanding the structure of an exposition and what should be incorporated. Here is a topography paper test for you to reference when you compose your own geology artful culmination. Regularly, individuals believe that mid year is warm, and the sun is continually sparkling. This isn't generally the situation for summer shifts in better places far and wide. There isn't one single meaning of the period when it is taken a gander at from a worldwide stance. There is a bunch of contrasts between each country’s summer season and what it resembles. On the off chance that you live in the northern half of the globe, you realize that late spring happens in June, July, and August. The individuals who live in the southern half of the globe experience summer in December, January, and February. Few out of every odd nation has their mid year season simultaneously. This is one of the significant contrasts between summers in better places the world over. Another variety in summer far and wide is that a few spots get hotter and drier while others get hotter and wetter. Drier atmospheres regularly experience dry spells in the mid year, which curtails their yield creation. Tropical zones are known to be increasingly sticky, which implies that mid year is the â€Å"wet season†. This is likewise the season where the most vegetation develops in tropical nations. Hong Kong has a sub-tropical atmosphere, which implies that they become a considerable lot of their harvests throughout the mid year season. By and large, there are a couple of urban areas that are more sultry than the entirety of the rest. Kuwait City, Karachi, and Ahvaz frequently arrive at the most elevated temperatures when contrasted with others. Especially, in Kuwait City, the temperature may arrive at 44 degrees Celsius, which is equal to 111 degrees Fahrenheit. This is basic throughout the mid year months from June to August. This city, alongside Karachi and Ahvaz, encounters in excess of a couple of negative impacts from the blistering climate. The residents are inclined to heatwaves and poor air dissemination. In the late spring period of 2017 in the United States, a couple of states had particularly blistering climate. These temperatures were somewhere in the range of 119 and 125 degrees Fahrenheit or somewhere in the range of 48 and 51 degrees Celsius. These particular temperatures were recorded in the southwest area, including California, Arizona, and Nevada. Arizona’s capital city, Phoenix, had arrived at the temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit multiple times in its history. The high temperatures end up being fatal and even brought about warmth waves. Obviously, this isn't what summer resembles all around the world. In New Zealand, there can at times be an absence of consistency with regards to climate. New Zealand is found generally near Antarctica. As of late, in January of 2017, this nation ought to have been encountering its mid year season. Rather, it was met with a â€Å"weather bomb† which prompted flooding and snowing. This isn't strange for the nation, which is situated in the southern side of the equator. They have persevered through extraordinary climate conditions preceding the 2017 climate bomb. Indeed, there are a great deal of ways that mid year can introduce itself all through the world. There isn't one right course to portray summer since it can appear to be unique in every city or nation. A few nations have mellow summers, while others have outrageous ones. Indeed, even a country’s summer season timing can shift by its area in either the northern or southern side of the equator. References: Birch, H. (2015, July 22). Where is the universes most sizzling city? Recovered March 21, 2018, from areas/2015/jul/22/where-world-most smoking city-kuwait-karachi-ahvaz Cheng, V., Ng, E., Chan, C., Givoni, B. (2011). Outside warm solace concentrate in a sub-tropical atmosphere: A longitudinal report situated in Hong Kong. Universal Journal of Biometeorology, 56(1), 43-56. doi:10.1007/s00484-010-0396-z Press, A. (2017, June 21). Burning summer temperatures carry most exceedingly terrible warmth to south-west US in years. Recovered March 21, 2018, from Redd, N. T. (2015, June 19). Summer: The Warmest Season. Recovered March 21, 2018, from Roy, E. A. (2017, January 23). New Zealand hit by climate bomb bringing summer day off flooding. Recovered March 21, 2018, from bomb-summer-snow-flooding Staniforth, A., Thuburn, J. (2011). Even frameworks for worldwide climate and atmosphere forecast models: An audit. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 138(662), 1-26. doi:10.1002/qj.958 Waliser, D. E., Moncrieff, M. W., Burridge, D., Fink, A. H., Gochis, D., Goswami, B. N., . . . Yuter, S. (2012). The â€Å"Year† of Tropical Convection (May 2008â€April 2010): Climate Variability and Weather Highlights. Announcement of the American Meteorological Society, 93(8), 1189-1218. doi:10.1175/2011bams3095.1 As a choice, you can contact our composing administration for employing custom article writersâ who are specialists recorded as a hard copy superb geology papers and examination papers.

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Dan Bricklin, Bob Frankston, and the First Spreadsheet

Dan Bricklin, Bob Frankston, and the First Spreadsheet Any item that pays for itself in about fourteen days is a surefire victor. That’s what Dan Bricklin, one of the designers of the principal PC spreadsheet. VisiCalc was discharged to people in general in 1979. It ran on an Apple II PC. Most early microchip PCs had beenâ supported by BASIC and a couple of games, yet VisiCalc presented another level in application programming. It was viewed as a fourth era programming program. Before this,â companies were putting away time and cash making budgetary projections with physically determined spreadsheets. Changing a solitary number implied recalculating each and every cell on the sheet. VisiCalc permitted them to change any phone and the whole sheet would be naturally recalculated. VisiCalc took 20 hours of work for certain individuals and turned it out in a short time and let them become substantially more creative,† Bricklin said. The History of VisiCalc Bricklin and Bob Frankston concocted VisiCalc. Bricklin was reading for his Master of Business Administration degree at Harvard Business School when he got together with Frankston to assist him with composing the programming for his new electronic spreadsheet. The two began their own organization, Software Arts Inc., to build up their item. I dont realize how to answer what it resembled in light of the fact that early Apple machines had scarcely any tools,† Frankston said about programming VisiCalc for the Apple II. â€Å"We simply needed to continue investigating by segregating an issue, taking a gander at memory in the restricted troubleshooting †which was more fragile than the DOS DEBUG and had no images †at that point fix and retry and afterward re-program, download and attempt again andâ again...â An Apple II form was prepared by the fall of 1979. The group began composing renditions for the Tandy TRS-80, the Commodore PET and the Atari 800. By October, VisiCalc was a quick dealer on the racks of PC stores at $100.â In November 1981, Bricklin got the Grace Murray Hopper Award from the Association for Computing Machinery out of appreciation for his advancement. VisiCalc was before long offered to Lotus Development Corporation where it was formed into the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet for the PC by 1983. Bricklin never got a patent for VisiCalc on the grounds that product programs were not qualified for licenses by the Supreme Court until after 1981. Im not rich since I created VisiCalc,† Bricklin stated, â€Å"but I feel that Ive rolled out an improvement on the planet. That is a fulfillment cash cant buy.â Licenses? Baffled? Dont consider it that way, Bob Frankston said. Programming licenses werent doable at that point so we decided not to chance $10,000.â More on Spreadsheets The DIF group was created in 1980, permitting spreadsheet information to be shared and brought into different projects, for example, word processors. This made spreadsheet information more portable.â SuperCalc was presented in 1980, the primary spreadsheet for the mainstream miniaturized scale OS called CP/M. The mainstream Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet was presented in 1983. Mitch Kapor established Lotus and utilized his past programming involvement in VisiCalc to make 1-2-3.â Exceed expectations and Quattro Pro spreadsheets were presented in 1987, offering an increasingly graphical interface.

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Research Paper Writing Service - Get a Stylish Paper

Research Paper Writing Service - Get a Stylish PaperWhen you choose a writing service to write your academic paper, it can help you with the writing style, format and style of the paper you are about to write. These are important things to consider when preparing the paper.To help you get started with your research paper writing service, you should research the type of writer they have used before. Try to research the best writer they have used in the past. This will give you an idea of what you are likely to get with the paper.They should be able to come up with a style that is suitable for your subject. Most writing services offer two styles, Traditional Style and Professional Style. This means they write for a higher standard and expect high standards from their clients. It is important that the style you are choosing is one that suits your subject matter.The amount of information you can provide in your research paper writing service should be reasonable for you. It is wise to tr y to get as much information as possible so that you can come up with the most useful paper possible.One other thing that a research paper writing service should be able to do is provide editing services. This may mean they edit your paper and make it more relevant or just make it look good.A research paper writing service should be able to make your research paper more interesting and more professional looking. It is important that you come up with a style that is appealing to your readers. This will also help your paper to get past all the editors and reviewers.A research paper writing service should also be able to give you feedback on your paper. You can ask questions of the research writing service which can help you improve on your writing skills.If you have not chosen a research paper writing service yet, it is best to try them out before you pay for their services. Make sure you like what you see and it is something that is useful to you in your future writing.

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Film Analysis Southpaw, An Action / Drama Film...

It is intriguing to witness the development of technological shift in society. The newest technology has played and enormous role in media and it has a major effect on the way films and all other forms of media are originated. The style in which images, sound, and text are developed is much distinct from how it was processed many years ago. Digital Cinematography is a technique used to record and capture motion pictures as digital video images. Unlike the traditional analog film frames, digital capture provides other ways to capture motion pictures such as video tape, CD, or flash drive. With the help of digital cinematography filmmaking has become relatively easy allowing filmmakers to produce various types of films. Southpaw, an action/drama film released in 2015 directed by Antoine Fuqua is about a boxer who is subjected to a real if strenuous transformation reeling from tragedy. While movie critics found the film to be a bit clichà © the viewers didn’t seem to mind. What set this film apart from most boxing movies was Fuqua’s display of masculine aggression, intense violence but yet emotional and familial drama that keeps the viewer’s tuned into the film. His inspiration for the film was influenced by the life story of Hip-Hop cultures very own rapper Eminem. The main goal was to depict a sense of reality while making the film very relatable. From the different factors within the diachronic shot such as focus, angles, sound, montage and the fascinating interpretations that

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UNICEF and Childrens Welfare Essay examples - 1160 Words

Health Among the many fights against poverty, improving children’s’ health is one of the major responsibilities. A healthy child becomes a healthy adult, a person who has the ability to create a better life for them, the people around them, their community, and their countries. One of the core UNICEF objectives is to improve the health of the children of the world. Most of the children deaths occur due to pneumonia, preterm birth complications, intra-partum related complications, diarrhea and malaria. The issues that prevails, is the fact that universal access to basic social services is not available, and poverty. UNICEF is addressing these threats as it works with the governments, humanitarian agencies, civil and community†¦show more content†¦The â€Å"Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS Campaign† is dedicated to reversing the HIV and AIDS epidemic by 2015. Its work is complimentary to the Millennium Development Goal 6, which is ending HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis. Immunization One of the most cost-effective, and successful public health interventions is immunization. The latest data states that in 2012, 111 million children received immunization with vaccines against life-threatening diseases, which further averted approximately 2-3 deaths per year and a number of episodes of illness and disability. Despite the significant gains, there are yet nearly 22.6 million children under the age of one year (approx.. 20% of children born each year) who are not immunized, which exposes them to disabilities or premature death. With immunization, a country’s growth can be boosted, as immunization makes economic sense. Though there are some challenges in being able to vaccinate all target children, UNICEF has made major initiatives and major progress. While working with governments, partners and communities, UNICEF is aiming to increase demand for immunization, establishing better cold chain and logistic systems, and increase national ownership for immunization. 36% of theShow MoreRelatedUnited Nations International Children s Emergency Fund Essay1304 Words   |  6 Pages Food and Nutrition Mary Carnahan HA 304: Global Health Care Systems November 8, 2016 â€Æ' Introduction In this paper I’m going explore â€Å"United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)† and what they do to provide food and nutrition to people in developing countries. Also in this paper I will be exploring â€Å"Community food banks† and what they do to provide food and nutrition to people in need in the U.S. There is a statement in our text that obesity results from over nutritionRead MoreAid Into Latin America And Asia Essay1685 Words   |  7 Pageshad started to extend its aid into Latin America and Asia. Eleanor Roosevelt, the U.S. delegate to the UN argued that UNICEF was a temporary group to help children after war and not that it’s over the work should be delegated to other permanent UN organizations. (Explained in more detail) Pakistan’s delegate to the UN, Ahmed Shah Bokhari, argued against Roosevelt in saying that the images of European children after the war are the realities of children living in other regions every day. In 1950,Read MoreEssay on Childrens Health: The Key to the Future1706 Words   |  7 PagesChildrens Health: The Key to the Future As human beings living together on the same planet, all countries have a global responsibility to be concerned with the health and safety of its inhabitants. Throughout history, many nations have faced domestic or international turmoil with economical and political crises that have led to poor health outcomes. Some developing regions of the world have faced greater disease process and higher mortality rates than economically more stable countries. In responseRead MoreThe United Nations Relief And Rehabilitation Administration Essay2065 Words   |  9 Pagesunwelcome and disbanded after the Europe divided into two zones: the West and East. However in 1946, there was a large demand for a relief organization, and so the United Nations decided to constitute an emergency group focusing on aid for children. UNICEF was created in 1946 to provide emergency food, clothing and healthcare to children in countries that were destroyed during WWII. It was created to solve the food and medical crisis after the War in the European countries involved and those that wereRead MoreHow Children s Rights Are Being Breached Within The Uk1202 Words   |  5 PagesThis assignment will address how children’s rights are being breached within the UK. Focusing mainly on (The Crime and Disorder Act, 1998) which is an Act currently used within the UK’s society. . (The Crime and Disorder Act, 1998) covers almost all aspects of children’s rights, however the main provisions of the Act are; Antisocial Behaviour order (ASBO), parenting orders and sex offender’s orders. (The United Nations Convention on the Rights of The Child, 1990) became part of the UK’s Law in 1992Read MoreThe Development Of National Laws And Policies Addressing Migration And Child Welfare1233 Words   |  5 Pages A social worker is a professional trained to promote the welfare of the community, and often works within it, by helping families or individuals. To achieve this, social workers have diverse and multifaceted duties that result in life changing decisions, especially for families and children. It is essential that their aid is provided to children of all backgrounds and nationalities, including migrant children. Although a complex professional protection system for children has been constructed andRead MoreViolation of Child Rights1704 Words   |  7 Pagesspelled out in the Convention is inherent to the human dignity and harmonious development of every child. The Convention protects childrens rights by setting standards in health care; education; and legal, civil and social services. By agreeing to undertake the obligations of the Convention, national governments have committed themselves to protecting and ensuring childrens rights and they have agreed to hold themselves accountable for this commitment before the international community. States partiesRead MoreHaiti Surviving after the Earthquake677 Words   |  3 PagesImagine yourself alone? Now imagine those children that have to live alone that do not have a home. Nobody is there to guide their future! â€Å"The feeling of many children is that nobody loves them even God† (In Haiti, children are the most vulnerable). Children’s narrate their experiences and feelings after the earthquake. A seven year old boy, Michele, describes that when he was trying to escape of the collapsing building a block of concrete fell on his right leg. He remembers that dripped blood on hisRe ad MoreMental Health Policies for Children Living in Poverty Essay1695 Words   |  7 Pagesseems to continue to be in planning phases with some advancement in mental health policies for children. One hundred years later, the surgeon general national agenda for children’s health, the president’s new freedom commission on mental health and the American Psychological Association are all pushing efforts to address children’s mental health issues (Odar et al, 2013). More so, the stakeholders mentioned above agree on the fact that there is a large gap between the mental health needs of childrenRead MoreChild Protection Policy1362 Words   |  6 Pagesthey have experienced verbal sexual violence in school and 11.95% of children in Grades 4-6 and 17.60% of high school students have experienced inappropriate touching. †¢Source: â€Å" Towards A Child –Friendly Education Environment†, PWU- C. CWC- UNICEF for Plan Philippines in 2009 Physical, Verbal and Sexual Abuse and Violence Among Children , (i.e. Bullying, etc.) A. 73.58% of children in Grades 4-6 and 78.36% in high school surveyed in urban areas have suffered verbal abuse violence from

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Change of Circumstances and Termination

Question: Discuss about the Change of Circumstances and Termination. Answer: Introduction The present study involves issue on the legal rights and obligations of the contracting parties based on the regulations of contract law considering the elements of offer and acceptance of contract. The assignment further covers the analysis of contract law elements on form of legal relationship, intention to create legal relationship, consideration, consent and legal capacity for Clara and Joseph together with the analysis of legal capacity by Edward or Marshall. The assignment also involves the discussion and analysis of termination of contract, situations for breach of contract as well as probable remedies available to the affecting parties as per the regulations of Australian Contract Law. For the purpose of analyzing the establishment of contract between the parties, it is essential to identify the type contract entered between the parties as per the regulations of contract law. The present situation associates with the issue of failure of contingent condition in the contract work from the point of contracting party, which caused Clara and Joseph huge loss in terms of renovating the house floor. It is stated that Clara and Joseph entered into contract with Marshall to install the floating timber floor at the rate of $40 per square meter. However, the quote presented by Marshall included the term provider accepts no responsibility for defects in workmanship that was accepted by Joseph and the work started on 14 February 2017. During the process of work, the room was found flooded due to the carelessness of Marshall since the tool bag placed over the outlet of drainage system. In addition, Joseph entered into the contract at cheaper rate to complete the work as soon as the structural issues are recovered. Accordingly, the present situation incorporates the issue of legal rights and obligations to Joseph and Clara for the occurrence of flood within the room tha t destroyed the under processed timber flooring. According to the regulations of Australian Contract Law, the basic elements to bind a legal contract incorporate agreement, consideration, legal capacity, intention to create contract and certainty. In case any one of the basic elements is not present in the formation of contract, then the contract or agreement cannot be said to have formed as per the law ( 2017). In the present situation, contract between Joseph and Marshall incorporated all the basic elements with respect to agreement as the contract has been offered and agreed by both the parties against the consideration amounted to $40 per square meter. Further, both the parties, Joseph and Marshall considered to have capacity to enter in the legal contract in terms of legal age and sound mind. It has been noted that both the parties had intention to form the contract by incorporating certainty to complete the contracted work. Besides, consideration is the primary element to form a legal contract, which is a promis e to provide something in return for a receipt of promise (Townley and Riazi 2014). Referring to the case of Australian Woollen Mills Pty Ltd v The Commonwealth (1954) 92 CLR 424, contract between Joseph and Marshall had been supported by the consideration amount therefore, the contract was legally formed. Offer and Acceptance are the most basic and important elements of a legal contract that contains several terms and condition offered by the contractor and accepted by the contractee. In order to form a legal contract, it is essential to express the willingness to form contract that may be offered by stating definite terms and in any form like letter, email, newspaper advertisement or fax (Barroso and Sthel 2015). The present case was similar to the decided case of R v Clarke (1927) HCA 47 CLR 227 in which court held that the reward could not be claimed by Clarke since the act was not performed in reliance to the contracted offer. In case of Joseph and Marshall, the contract was formed based on the agreement mentioning that the workmanship defects will not be responsibility of Marshall that was accepted by Joseph. In addition, the decided case of Helmos Enterprises Pty Ltd v Jaylor Pty Ltd (2005) NSWCA 235 stated the legal contracting parties are required to have intention to create t he contract based on the commercial arrangements (Bayern 2015). In case of contract between Joseph and Marshall as well as the contract between Joseph and Edward involved intention to create the contract since, contract placed by Edward incorporated intention to complete the work against the consideration amount $38 per square meter. For a legal contract, it is essential to incorporate legal and genuine consent based on the reasonable grounds, which is referred in the decided case of Yerkey v Jones (1939) 63 CLR 6 (Ash and Cheesman 2016). In the present case, Joseph gave genuine consent to Marshall to complete the contracted work for the agreed amount as well as on agreed duration. The contract further involves the issue of termination and breach of contract under the regulations of Australian Contract Law. As per the principles of contract law, the rule of common law exists against the perpetuities stating that all the legal contract should include the clause of termination based on the completion of work or expiry of agreed contract duration ( 2017). The contract automatically terminates if the contract work is completed or if the fixed time of contract expires (Zagenczyk et al. 2015). Referring to the case of Battery World Pty Limited v Heavenly Bound Pty Limited (2009) NSWSC 1309, court held that the contract was not terminated automatically since the work was not completed and the duration was not expired. Similarly, in the present case, contract between Joseph and Marshall was not terminated as the flooring was due to be completed while the contracted time did not lapse. However, the contract may be terminated by other ways that includes, ex pression of right, implied right and subsequent agreement under which the contracting party is required to provide notice. In addition, if any specific event occurred, then the parties have the express right to terminate the contract that may incorporate the termination of contract by way of breach (Han 2016). As per the regulations of Australian Contract law, a contract can be terminated for breach of any terms or conditions by conducting the appropriate test to examine the contractual essentiality ( 2017). Considering the case of Fitzgerald v Masters (1956) 95 CLR 420, court held that the contract party found to breach the terms of contract and the party was supposed to repay the contracted money. In the present case, contract entered between Joseph and Marshall was not completed while Joseph terminated the contract alleging the failure in contract work performance of Marshall. Joseph contended that due the room was flooded due to placement of tool bag on the drainage outlet, which caused a portion of land was subsided while the floor was collapsed. Therefore, Joseph terminated the contract which formed termination by way of breach since the contract work and duration was still due. Similar to the case of Shevill v Builders Licensing Board (1982) 149 CLR 620, court held that contracting party was liable for the damages in the contracted work therefore. In the present case also, act of Marshall caused damage to Joseph and incurred heavy losses on part of breach of contract. Besides, Joseph did not accept any compensation amount as an apology from Marshall and eventually breached the contract. In view of the decided case laws and regulations of Australian Contract Law on breach of contract, it can be said that Joseph was liable to Marshall for breach of contract ( 2017). As the contract term offered by Marshall contained the condition provider accepts no responsibility for defects in workmanship, placement of tool bag on the drainage outlet could not be held Marshalls responsibility (Fried 2015). Besides, Joseph had the right to claim for compensatory damages as the tool bag was Marshalls property and he was responsible to place it appropriately. As the contract formed between Joseph and Marshall formed formal contract both the parties held liable as per the Australian Contract Law. Joseph was liable to breach the contract while Marshall was liable to incur contractual damage to the party due to lack of appropriate performance in the contract work. Accordingly, the remedy available to both the parties is to claim compensation for damages or the parties can claim award for specific performance and recession since the contract is a formal contr act. Conclusion Considering the above discussion on the legal formation of contract It can be concluded that Joseph and Marshall were the contracting parties. Contract between Joseph and Edward could be considered as contract as it incorporated all the basic elements but as Edward did not start the renovation work, it can be said that the Joseph was not held liable to for breach of contract. Besides, contract between Joesph and Marshall was terminated by way of breach due to the contractual work damage hence both the parties held liable to compensate for respective damages. Joseph and Marshall can apply for the contractual remedy that may be received in the form of compensatory damages as well as compensation for specific performance. Reference List and Bibliography Andrews, N., 2016. Remedies for Breach of Contract. InArbitration and Contract Law(pp. 279-333). Springer International Publishing. Ash, A. and Cheesman, E., 2016. Employment: Post-employment restraint after repudiation of an employment contract.LSJ: Law Society of NSW Journal, (21), p.76. 2017.Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII). [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 Feb. 2017]. BARMES, E., 2016. Remedies for Breach and for Wrongful Dismissal. Barroso, L.A. and Sthel, L.P., 2015. The Role of Objective Good Faith in Current Contract Law: For a General Duty of Inter Partes Cooperation and Solidarity.J. Civ. L. Stud.,8, p.187. Bayern, S., 2015. Offer and Acceptance in Modern Contract Law: A Needles Concept.Cal. L. Rev.,103, p.67. Fried, C., 2015.Contract as promise: A theory of contractual obligation. OUP Us. Han, S., 2016. Force majeure, change of circumstances and termination of contract.Journal of Law, Society and Development,3(1), pp.31-44. Hiscock, M.E., 2016. The Universality of Good Faith and Moral Behaviour: A Challenge for the Principles of Asian Contract Law. InLegal Thoughts between the East and the West in the Multilevel Legal Order(pp. 355-367). Springer Singapore. Spitko, E.G., 2016. The Will as an Implied Unilateral Arbitration Contract.Fla. L. Rev.,68, p.49. Townley, A. and Riazi, M., 2014. Analysis of authentic legal negotiation: Implications for teaching contract negotiation to undergraduate law students.International Journal of Language Studies,8(4). Zagenczyk, T.J., Cruz, K.S., Cheung, J.H., Scott, K.L., Kiewitz, C. and Galloway, B., 2015. The moderating effect of power distance on employee responses to psychological contract breach.European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology,24(6), pp.853-865.